Kate Rosenberg didn’t dream about becoming a photographer. She bought her first camera off eBay three years ago and has since travelled the world as a fashion and swimwear photographer. It still blows her mind.

The Gold Coast-based snapper has shot some of the coolest brands in Australia and recently found herself behind the lens photographing RIXX Eyewear’s summer campaign.

Rixx Eyewear

On a glorious Queensland day earlier this month, Rosenberg directed a shoot that is set to take this emerging eyewear brand to the next level.

The shoot was set in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, rolling through a day in the life of two guys and two girls (Katie Kugis, Sophie Applegarth, Tyler Green & Andy Davie)

From a morning coffee into sunbaking on the beach into surfing some waves, before afternoon cocktails at local favourite Rick Shores. This is all about eyewear for any and every occasion.

“I have been good friends with Tommy for a while now, but this was my first shoot for RIXX. This made it all the more special and made me want to create the ultimate campaign,” Rosenberg told Behind The Lens.

“I was very impressed with the concept and the creative direction of the shoot. The storyline was brilliant. It is a perfect summary of a day in the life of me. A day at the beach, then off to Rick Shores for sunset drinks with the crew! We lived what we portrayed.”

Rixx Eyewear

The new RIXX Eyewear range includes nine new colours across some of the most popular styles, creating a whole new meaning to the definition of unisex eyewear. “I love the new RIXX range. I've seen them styled both male and female and have spent countless hours editing the images of them, up close and personal. My favourite thing is that every pair are as versatile as they can get,” Rosenberg said.

“They are elegant and sophisticated yet they blend right into a beach day. Every pair is suited to the girls and guys equally; you could do a lucky dip in confidence knowing that no matter what you got, you'd love it.”

Rosenberg may have stumbled across photography by accident, but her career trajectory is no accident.

The Queenslander no longer uses the second-hand camera she bought off eBay – she upgraded when she booked her first international campaign in The Philippines – and is a star on the rise, making things happen.

“I am just a gal living her dream life, doing things I love and embracing any opportunity that comes my way,” she said.

“I have learnt that living with passion and energy is what gets you places. Talents are great, but when you're passionate you will make anything work... you're pretty much unstoppable.

“I will say watch this space, as I feel like my world is going to explode in 2021, as soon as those borders open! I can't wait for what's to come.

“It was such a pleasure and definitely a career highlight working with RIXX alongside Tommy and the team.”

Rosenberg has converted the beach into her office by heading down this path, but the life of a photographer isn’t always smooth sailing. There are challenges, like in any job, but she embraces everything that comes her way.

“Every day I work with amazing creative people, and did I mention 60% of the time my office is the beach?” she said.

“Not everything is a dream, though. Some honest downfalls have been stress-related; the creative pressure and energy required when shooting and editing is truly exhausting. It can feel like you are carrying the weight of the entire production with what you create as the final product.”

If the new RIXX Eyewear campaign is anything to go by, the final product is always spot on.

Written by Josh Gabelich

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